Small $3.95 | Regular $5.95

Chickpeas blended with sesame sauce & a trace of fresh garlic, lemon juice with olive.

Spicy Hummus

Small $3.95 | Regular $5.95

Baba Ghanouj

Small $3.95 | Regular $5.95

Eggplant grilled and mixed with sesame sauce, lemon juice, garlic with olive oil.

Hummous with Vegetables


Pureed chickpeas and garlic blended with tahini accompanied with fresh vegetables.

Hummous with Meat


Tender pieces of meat with our famous dressing and almonds.

Hummous with Chicken


Tender pieces of chicken with our famous dressing and almonds.

Starter Combo


Baba ghanouj, hummous and tabouli.

Fried Kibbee

Regular $8.95

Football shaped kibbee shells stuffed with sautéed onions, almonds, herbs & spices. Served with yogurt.

Falafel Plate

Regular $5.95

Deep fried patties made of chickpeas & fava beans, spices, served with tahini sauce garnished with vegetables.

Stuffed Grape leaves

Regular $6.99

Filled with vegetables

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